Data | OMES Monitoring

All values collected during the sampling campaigns of the OMES system monitoring are integrated in a database.
Every year a report is made available. All these reports and related OMES-reports can be found here.
The database contains more than 2.500.000 monthly and continuous values between 1995 and 2015. Data is not publicly available, but can be made available for scientific research on request.
For more information about the different parameters and datasets, we refer to our dataset page.
Soon a new interactive data visualisation tool wil be developed and made available on this website. In the mean time you can already find some prepared dataproducts on the website.
Some examples of the dataproducts can be found below:

Jaargemiddelde sedimentconcentratie in de Zeeschelde, author: OMES - UA
Nitraat in de Zeeschelde, author: OMES - UA
Ammonium in de Zeeschelde, author: OMES - UA
Chlorofyl a in de Schelde 2010-2013, author: OMES - NIOZ